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Unified Communications

Unified Communications(UC) brings communications resources together for a simpler more effective way of working. So if your looking for a simple VoIP solution or fully customised video conferencing facilities UC is what you need. We provide ways for people to communicate with different devices and cross platform technologies.

People and business need many ways to communicate, chatting, sending files, downloading documents and sharing content in real time making it simply to share. Your office can be anywhere you are and that includes taking calls or accessing email or SMS services normally confined to your office.

Talking Business

Broaden your trade contacts and tap into new markets with effective straight forward communication to deal with people on a personal level. The possibilities are great and we can guide you through it all providing UC services support and hardware.

We can integrate services into your website helping your customers reach you easily. UC is also a great way to allow staff to work from home with branch VoIP numbers, email and cloud, work from anywhere that has online access.

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