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Outsource IT

Many companies don't have a qualified IT professional on site and simply leave these things to the office manager or delegate it to other employees to look after your IT infrastructure leaving networks vulnerable and increase the risk of extended downtime if anything goes wrong.

Outsourcing saves you from needing to have expensive servers, fixed IP or leased lines when you want to manage things such as your own internal email system.

One main resource vital to a company is their email that is considered by most to be a mission critical application and a vast majority of a company's intellectual property resides in email and other messaging applications.

Businesses nationwide also see email as a way to confirm transactions and consolidate deals moving away from previously traditional methods.

Your underlying infrastructure for email and phone communications is necessary to carry out your business and therefor an important area of your business success and if you want to keep it running smoothly but don't have the know-how or resources to employ dedicated IT staff then its better to Outsource.

Keeping Costs Down

If your considering outsourcing make sure you know what your going to get and what support is in place to facilitate a smooth running system to fulfill your individual company needs. We give you a clear directive with a comprehensive service level agreement while keeping costs to a minimum.

Keynect Outsource Facilities

  • Enterprise email
  • Cloud Applications
  • Virtual Drives
  • Offsite Support
  • CRM
  • Server Managment

Difference Between Outsourcing  & Cloud

You might think there is no difference between Outsourcing your IT to using the Cloud, there can be a lot more to it than just having access to the Cloud to use offsite applications that mean you still have to administer features and manage employees accessing Cloud based facilities.

Outsourcing means you pass control of critical IT services to be managed off-site using our hardware or partner network hardware where we provide support and do all the complex work for you and maintain your IT infrastructure leaving you to concentrate on your business activities. We will manage the applications and ensure they work as they should. We will also oversee who accesses the service and provide direct support and manage the technical aspects and fix problems rapidly should they arise.
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