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Mobile Web Development

People are moving away from conventional PC's to more modern devices and your business has to adapt and one method is to provide mobile content as there are many different devices connecting to your web site or local network and they can display very different results sometime hiding whole sections of content.

Most devices follow a standard set of rules when visiting web pages until their presented with content such as Flash or Silverlight or incompatible media files, other concerns are screen orientation, focus or screen resolution that are all very different to what you see on a PC or MAC, that's why every project we undertake is developed around the end user experience based on your businesses target audience.

True Mobile Not Just Mobile Friendly 

Keynect can build a true mobile web site from scratch to display perfectly on a smartphone and tablet, we can develop a website exclusively for mobile.

You can have a more simple version that is mobile and tablet friendly but it does have limits, just think about it as a lite version instead of full production, if your looking for a simple low cost solution see http://cms.keynect.co.uk/ for DIY mobile friendly websites. We also provide background statistics so you can see who visits, at what time and see what keywords or key-phrases attracted people to your website and indeed what devices were used to connect to your website.

You may already have a website that displays in mobile devices but does it really render all features correctly including photo galleries or product displays that are often overlooked in the coding process, don't lockout potential customers, give us a call to evaluate your existing web site and explain further options available to reaching the vast users of mobile and tablet devices.

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