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Terms & Conditions

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Our website is open for anyone to use but you may not copy or reproduce any part of it without seeking consent from Keynect. All images are subject to copyright and any third party images have been used in accordance with their respective terms and conditions. By using our website you agree to our terms and conditions.

Making Tax Digital

We provide our VAT Software as a service (SaaS) through a secure encrypted connection, always check for HTTPS, the login process for Making Tax Digital requires 2 Factor authentication using Google Authenticator and you will be required to use this as part of the onboarding process to secure your account.

You will be responsible for ensuring your login credentials remain private and only accessible by authorised users.

You must not misuse the Making Tax Digital service and follow all guidance when setting up and using your account. We are HMRC-Recognised and NOT affiliated with HMRC. You will grant our application access to your HMRC VAT Account to Submit VAT returns, View submitted VAT returns, Check what VAT you owe and to View VAT payment history.

If HMRC is offline for maintenance or being updated we will inform you of this when you login to the application, we will also keep you informed of any planned maintenance that may restrict features at that time.

Where you have any special requirements for accessibility or difficulty using any features we will deal with this promptly to insure continued use of the software, you will also be allocated a customer service agent to help with managing your account and sort any problems you may encounter, contact is via phone or email within office hours, question can also be answered in the self help section after you login.

You can remove access for our application from your HMRC VAT Account at anytime, keeping you in full control.

Errors & Omissions

All information and copy on this website is subject to change without notice, although we try to ensure everything is current and up to date we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions.

Usage guidelines

You may use this website for finding information only and learning more about Keynect's Products & Services but you are not permitted to try and use this website in a malicious manner or try to defeat any code or inject any code whatsoever into forms or database requests. Any attempt to hack, exploit or inject code will be recorded and IP addresses with browser information will be stored and passed to other sources to help combat cyber crime.

Unauthorised Data Scraping(Screen Scraping)

You are not permitted to access our commercial forms remotely such as Vehicle Technical Data, VRM Lookup or Postcode Data using data scraping or other similar methods for the purpose of mining commercial data to display as your own. If you are interested in VRM Lookup or other commercial API features we offer then please contact us.

Data Scraping commercial data without a Licence and Service Level Agreement (SLA) will result in your IP Address and other collective information being recorded to restrict and block future use and may result in further action.

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