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Autotrade Billing System

Online Web Application Access Anywhere

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Professional automotive system for use by Garages and car related business such as Car Valeting Service or Auto Services. Our Web GUI can be customised by our team with additional features or workflow style to reflect your own business requirements. We also include free Postcode Lookup and unlimited standard VRM Lookup & MOT Check within the system, click here to lookup your car or motorcycle MOT status for free.

We want to make life easy so instead of downloading yet another App, simply use our secure online system that displays on all devices using the latest web browser version for your device.

Key Features

Track Invoices With Ease

Features of our web application

Enhanced Lookups with Autotrade Pro

20 Free Enhanced VRM lookups included monthly

Choose from the following categories:

We can add more credits to the application for enhanced lookups as prepay(pay as you go) or fixed subscription, for the best price contact our sales team on 0800 032 8185.

Vehicle History Checks with Autotrade Pro

2 Free Vehicle History Checks included monthly

Each check includes:

Communications options

You can send invoice links and direct email to your customers and add on direct SMS outbound messages(Prepaid credits) for appointments, invoicing and more. You can also choose to use your own phone to send SMS by using the quick scan QR code from a PC screen to preload the text message easily and efficiently into your own device as a cost effective SMS solution if you don't wish to use ours.

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