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Professional Email

Our hosted email service is packed with features to suit a small business or large corporation, the service is reliable and comprehensive with tools and facilities to allow access form a range of devices. You can access your email using POP, IMAP, Webmail or ActiveSync(Licensed per mailbox).

Webmail Service

Online webmail is enhanced with many features including Personal Contacts, Personal Calendar and Personal Tasks, you can also add Appointment Schedules and Invitations. With webmail you can also store files and activate public folders. Webmail is packed with lots of additional features like spell checker, spam filtering and mailbox content filtering.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

We have dedicated email servers configured exclusively for Newsletters and Email Marketing hosted on their own IPs and monitored for performance, email marketing can be configured to send email from client lists compiled in the email program or via connected databases with automated subscribe and unsubscribe features. Our system is capable of sending thousands of authenticated emails on a daily basis.

Additional Features For Mobile Devices

Mobile/Device Sync via CalDav & iCalendar hosting that is especially useful for iPhone Users.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Synchronization (2 Way)

Web Administration

You can build distribution mailing lists and manage users with the web administrator available for businesses that need to manage their employees email accounts as well as additional account settings.

Outsource Email

As well as providing email facilities to all our hosting customers we also provide our email facility to companies that want to outsource their email. Some of the benefits of outsourcing to keynect are listed below.

  • Point your DNS to our email server ie: mail.yourcomanyname
  • Spam & Virus protected email
  • Outsourcing can reducing costs
  • Regular backups
  • Greater availability
  • Fully managed servers
  • Connectivity for more devices
  • SPF-protected domain
  • Daily monitored DBL Blacklisting

To find out more about outsourcing your email to Keynect please call 0800 032 8185 or email outsource@keynect.co.uk.

We also offer an extended email service within our Cloud Facilites.

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