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Web Designer

We provide a complete web design solution from a simple web site to full eCommerce presentations, we also make bespoke data driven web sites that can manage large amounts of data and client collaboration. Designs can be tailored to your company brand or brought together through other aspects of your business and all design work is done in-house using capable software and design knowledge.

Projects can include but not limited to Flash, HTML5, JavaScript and Silverlight to bring interactive content or visual elements to pages.

Once a design has been brought to life you can then manage text and other features through our own Online CMS software included with your website then once your website is live you can also view statistics that are updated daily in a user friendly graphical layout.

Trade Online

See our eCommerce page to extend your design with our online system that has everything you need to sell and trade on the web. As well as a custom designed website you have a full eCommerce suit to sell safely online using an easy to use CMS to manage everything from products to customers and invoicing.

Multi Channel

If you have been resisting going online or you have a website but don't make use of it much then think about what you could be loosing, business needs to be multi-channel now more than ever as its apparent people are shopping online more than ever and that is set to grow, you might not want to have a full eCommerce website but having a good online presence can help to draw customers to your products and services.

A simple website with a good layout and well presented pages and content can really benefit a business and make it easy for customers to contact you 24  hours a day and along with a blog you can keep them informed about new lines, promotional events and other activities.

Starting with a website then moving forward to social media will take your business multi-channel and where you need to be as you can no longer just rely on the phone book or passing trade.

Microsite or Blogging Site

Have you thought about having a microsite or blogging site to run along side your existing website, microsites might focus on certain product or build in routes to your own website but they include unique content to compliment your online presence.

You may prefer to have a blogging website to let everyone know up to the minute information but your blogging site is branded for your company with direct links to internal pages and products that you want people to see, leaving you in complete control over all the content.

Both options are available from Keynect using our own CMS and Blogging applications and can be added as sub domains to your main website.

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