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Keynect SMS Services

We can integrate mobile messaging seamlessly and securely into your existing business processes and systems without costly development fees.   

You can have SMS setup with your geographic VoIP number from Keynect, SMS can be sent to email or saved to a database and even used to send messages direct to your web site that can be useful for blogs or other site updates, we can even setup up commands to change features on your website through the use of an SMS so the possibilities are endless.

Our email client has also been configured to send out SMS message from an email giving you better flexibility in the way you communicate. Other features include sending automated SMS to your clients for things like invoicing, message alerts or web site feeds.

SMS credits can be purchased through your control panel where you can also send SMS to users in your online address book.

Buy Voip Number 0844, 03333 or Local

SMS Test

So you can see how interactive SMS can be, we have put together a simple test screen, just enter your phone number that you send text messages from and click start test. You will only see texts from the number you enter, you will not have access to anyone else's test screen.

With our test screen you can build your own unique QR code as one of the tests, give it a go and see how its done.

If you would like to have a custom test setup to see how it might interact with your website and run custom commands contact us with your requirements. To progress with a test we have setup a local geographic number that is charged at standard rate or free depending on you carrier package. 

SMS are stored for about 10 minutes then deleted to protect your privacy when running the interactive test. You will know when they have been deleted as your screen will return "no messages received".

Remember when entering your phone number you might have to replace the starting 0 with country code such as 44, ie 07861****** will become 447861******.

If you still have trouble text email-thenyouremailaddress (note the hyphen - ) to 013873 25032 and we will send an email with your number on it that you need to enter below.

Enter your phone number(no spaces) you use to send SMS

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