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Database Development and Management

Keynect has a proven track-record in high-quality, custom database design and development. As well as providing a database to power website applications we also develop PC software with database integration.

For your Website

Websites are becoming more technically advanced and vital business tools when built around a professional database. We can design a logical well functioning database to implement many custom tasks that only your business would require, we produce well configured web applications to manage your database and simplify end user tasks and the administration of your database.

Automate Tasks

A data driven website can allow you to work smarter and have full eCommerce facilities and features to manage all your clients, staff, associates and trade contacts that goes far beyond CRM, data held in your database can also be downloaded to display in office documents and spreadsheets Etc.

Store Secure Data

Sensitive data is stored with varying levels of encryption from a standard password hash to complex code for things like credit card information, we can also implement 2 step verification and setup custom algorithms for accessing data that can interact with our email and sms technologies.

Data collected in your database can easily be backed up and downloaded to file as digital data or hard copy, all data stored online meets current regulations and you can provide Subject Access Requests with one click for personal information set out in the UK Data Protection Act. 

**Although most databases used in business, store user readable data, we always encourage the use of fully encrypted data that can only be read with a custom program and correct key!**

Business Intelligence

We can build a library of on-demand data to call up in a instant that allows you to innovate, grow you business and analyse customer trends etc, we have a proven track record in producing online database applications that are used by national companies where our experience has helped to increase revenue and save money by automating tasks such as business administration previously carried out with pen and paper.

Database Recovery

Databases can become corrupted or stop accepting new entries or become unreadable due to rogue characters or bad coding, if you have a problem with your database then contact us to see if we can help as we use a number of methods to recover digital data stored in your database as we can sometimes rebuild tables, columns and schema and recover lost data.

Database Servers

We use the following database servers and can migrate existing databases you have to our platform, we can migrate Flatfile, CSV, Excel and other formats to use in new online applications.
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Databases can be connected through the local environment or via an external port or API and setup with an appropriate level of security.

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