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Cloud Facilities

Are you looking for simple online storage or a complete Cloud Package allowing you to access edit and share documents online, we can deploy what you need while providing qualified support to use any cloud platform efficiently.

Webmail & Cloud

Our entry level solution is available with an enterprise email package that includes web mail and public folders that can be connected to as a separate special resource making it easy to share documents and files publicly for all company employees to access and that makes it a useful place for storing corporate newsletters, policy documents, letterheads, and other such material.

You can share & Collaborate with other web mail users by sharing contacts, calendars and folders, access to email and other features can also be done via your Smartphone or compatible device.

Enterprise Cloud

Access your work from anywhere, manage documents and check your email all in one place from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices allowing you to share and collaborate with colleagues.

Work Online With Programs You Know

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • OneNote
  • Outlook

These programs can also be accessed via downloadable software and apps available with your licence that will sync with your cloud.

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